You know the kind of goal, dream or desire that makes you feel like this when you think about it...

Yeah. That one.

In essence, a B.H.A.G. is 

A goal so big that it would blow your mind if you achieved it.

But how do you get there?

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs. 
~Henry Ford

Honestly, you just need a few good tools to help you accomplish your goals, establish your business, grow your brand, etc.

And that's where I can help...

This is a training series that will help you accomplish the things that will help you automate, and grow your brand and your tribe so you can focus on those things that only you can do as a visionary, creator, owner, etc.

What makes this training different?

Glad you asked. The primary difference is the webinars are WORKING SESSIONS. We sit in trainings, but can't implement or work on what we're learning until after the training is over. And of course, life happens and sometimes we don't fully implement what we've learned.

You remember how we felt when in school when the teacher allowed us to start our homework in class?

In the B.H.A.G. Training Series, we take building breaks for you to work on what we're learning. My goal is for you to be at least 1/2 way complete when the webinar ends.

The B.H.A.G Training Series includes 5 LIVE webinars

  • July 12: Create a Revenue Model
  • July 19: Organization: What You Do Before You Do Something
  • July 26: Automation:  The Foundation to Nurturing Your Community
  • August 2: Systems Sell: Developing Systems that Support Sales
  • August 9: Content Creation Crash Course: Increase Your Presence by Creating and Scheduling Content

The B.H.A.G. Training Series teaches you processes and plans that you can duplicate across projects and time. Whether you are solopreneur or have a time, you will be able to lead yourself and others through a process of building products, launches, increasing your social media presence, etc.

  • Fill in the Gaps - This training series will help you fill in some of the gaps in order for you to create automation and systems to generate revenue
  • The How To, Not Just the How - You receive checklists and tutorials to ease the process of doing the work
  • Set Up for Success - Doing the work in these webinars will increase your confidence and focus and thereby set you up for success

Yes, you can make coins while you sleep. If you do the WORK while you're awake.

I can and do make sleep coin. But that's when and because I do the work while I'm awake. But when I put in a schmedium amount of consistent work, sleep coin comes in. I will never be the one to tell you it won't take work. But I will also be the one who says,


 I have learned how to narrow down my client avatar, how to set up an email welcome sequence (which is now done, btw), how to use Evernote for my business and more. Speaking of Evernote, my life is more organized because of the Evernote is bae class I am more organized.  I was using Evenote before but I didn't know about notebooks, notebook stacks or shortcuts, so I had a lot notes.  Now I don't feel as overwhelm when I am looking for my notes.  

- Alana Anthony, Financialdemics

Here's what you receive with the training...

  • Worksheets and Checklists
  • Lifetime Replay Access
  • FREE Facebook Group for Support and Questions

Of course I can place a value on what these trainings are worth. But I think the more pertinent question is

How much is it worth to you to

  • Have systems and process set up before you begin any project?
  • Take the time to set up automated systems for your core or flagship products?
  • Understand how to create a revenue plan?
  • Learn how to plan, create, and schedule content that leads to increased engagement and conversion.

If you are really ready to do the work to build habits that help you accomplish goals, I invite you to this training series.

If you act now, your investment is only $57.

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