3 Ways to Use Digital Tools to Support A Paper Planner Lifestyle

The one thing I rarely encounter in my life as a coach and lifestyle designer is someone with a shortage of ideas, dreams, or goals. It’s usually quite the opposite. We are full of things we want to do, content we want to create, and lifestyles we want to build. Where we sometimes get stuck […]

Episode 3: Life of a Creative: Ava Duvernay

Photo from Variety Magazine In this episode of The TrendSetters Podcast, it’s my favorite segment–The Life of a Creative. I feature the Oscar-nominated, award winning film director and easily the top 5 examples of #blackgirlmagic, Ava Duvernay. So many quotes, lessons, and parts to her journey that many of us can relate to…can’t wait for you […]

What I Am Giving Up for Lent

Every year, I have friends and acquaintances that I don’t see online or at Starbucks for about 40 days. Why? Because they give up social media and coffee for Lent. The Lenten season is a time when many Christians observe a period of fasting, repentance, moderation, self-denial and spiritual discipline. (source)   I’ve never participated […]

TrendSetters Podcast Ep. 02: Life of a Creative: Chance the Rapper

  I am fascinated by the life of creatives. From rappers to film directors, I am intrigued by what motivates them, their mantras, how they approach their work, etc. Coming off 3 stellar wins at the 2017 Grammys, my first focus for my series The Life of a Creative is Chance the Rapper. An award […]

TrendSetters Podcast Episode #1: Clues to Your Purpose

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The TrendSetters Podcast!   This episode is brought to you by:     DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE My background and story 3 Things I love What do I do 2 Roles I serve and excel in Who do I serve How did I get the name The Trendy Socialite […]

4 Ways to Use Evernote to Plan and Create Content

  One of my goals for my business this year is to amplify my brand’s exposure and reach. I have made strategic and intentional plans to do that by creating more content. So to that end, I have Launched a weekly Twitter Chat #TrendSettersChat Launched a podcast called TrendSetters Increased consistency and frequency of written […]

A Message And Call to Action for My Millennial Sisters

As I write this, I know many who are uncertain, concerned, and worried about what the future holds. There is a changing of the guards in the leadership of this country. We have exchanged the known of the past 8 years for the unknown. It is uncertain and scary. But I refuse to lose hope. […]

Your H.E.A.R.T. is Your Art: Branding That Stands Out

Last night officially kicked off the season glam, gown, and good times in “tinsel town” with the Golden Globes. Most of my friends share the fashion (of which there was plenty), the beauty, the hairstyles, and the moments. And I’m here for all of that. But I am a sincere fan of the speeches. I […]

Is Your Brand’s Light On?

A few months ago, I was riding through my neighborhood. For some reason on this day. I must have been in a chill mood. Because usually I’m just trying to get home or get where I’m going. But on this day, I was looking at the houses and landscapes.  I passed by a house that […]

I Should Have Said No

I’m sitting here in Starbucks. Stressed. Someone else’s bright idea has now become my headache. I should have said no. Don’t be like me. Learn from my mistake. I was hesitant about the idea from the jump. I should have followed my first mind (like the old folks say) and said no. This has been […]

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