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Episode 7: Start From Where You Are

It’s been a while since I’ve released a podcast episode. In this episode, I discuss what has transpired over the past few months and the lesson I learned in the process–you don’t have to start over, start from where you are. DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: My hiatus from podcast Why you shouldn’t start over Why […]

Episode 06: Bryan and Erika Baker

  Bryan and Erika Baker Faith Based Relationship Coaches & Motivational Speakers   In this episode, I interview Bryan and Erika Baker. Bryan and Erika are a super dope couple! One of the many reasons I am excited to talk to them is because not only do they do life together, they are in […]

Nursing Coach and Registered Nurse Yoshika Hayward

Yoshika Hayward Nursepreneur and Coach Nursing the Rich Life In this episode of the The TrendSetters podcast, I interview Yoshika Hayward, a registered nurse and nursing coach. One of the things that excites me about this interview is that she began her business in the field that she as practiced in for over 15 years. […]

Episode 4: Fit and Fierce with Concita Thomas

Concita Thomas Fitness and Nutrition Strategist In this episode I am interviewing fitness and nutrition strategist, Concita Thomas.  Concita Thomas is the Food & Fitness Strategist behind She is on a mission to help busy women on the go look and feel fit and fierce without making the process a second job. This conversation […]

Episode 3: Life of a Creative: Ava Duvernay

Photo from Variety Magazine In this episode of The TrendSetters Podcast, it’s my favorite segment–The Life of a Creative. I feature the Oscar-nominated, award winning film director and easily the top 5 examples of #blackgirlmagic, Ava Duvernay. So many quotes, lessons, and parts to her journey that many of us can relate to…can’t wait for you […]

TrendSetters Podcast Ep. 02: Life of a Creative: Chance the Rapper

  I am fascinated by the life of creatives. From rappers to film directors, I am intrigued by what motivates them, their mantras, how they approach their work, etc. Coming off 3 stellar wins at the 2017 Grammys, my first focus for my series The Life of a Creative is Chance the Rapper. An award […]

TrendSetters Podcast Episode #1: Clues to Your Purpose

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The TrendSetters Podcast!   This episode is brought to you by:     DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE My background and story 3 Things I love What do I do 2 Roles I serve and excel in Who do I serve How did I get the name The Trendy Socialite […]

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