2017 TrendSetters Elite Membership Program

Are you ready to chart the developing direction of your life?

Are you...

  • Feeling like your life’s course is not under your control?

  • Unsure of the path you want to take?

  • Uncertain of where to start to accomplish goals?

  • Not sure of how to grow and expand your brand, blog, or goals?

  • Looking for more accountability and support in achieving your goals?

Or do you find that...

  • You feel a bit overwhelmed with all you have to do to build and maintain your brand, blog, purpose

  • Your significant other doesn’t appear as interested or as excited about your work as you are

  • Your family asks a lot of questions and offer little support

  • Your current circle of friends are either slightly indifferent or just flat out not supportive of your goals

What if there was a community with the information, inspiration, and camaraderie
you need to accomplish those goals?

For real, for real…what if


  • You had a place to go to ask questions and get valuable feedback?

  • You could establish supportive relationships with women who are also working toward their own goals and dreams?

  • You could participate in trainings that will help you implement the things that could have a direct impact on your business?

  • You were lovingly held accountable for your dreams, goals, and aspirations?

  • You were given resources to help you maintain and improve your health?

  • You could have information and support to implement systems and routines that will help you gain the most of each day?

I have developed a community that can help with that!

I know what it is to have a dream and a desire and unsure how to fulfill it. I worked for 10 years in a job that was literally written for me. Flexible schedule (although it included weekends) and a chance to do what I liked to do. But there was still something missing. I wanted more. I looked in so many places to find this more. Then one day, I realized…

The MORE I seek is inside of me.

At that moment, people started coming to me sharing what they saw in me. Affirming and confirming the talents and gift inside. I believed them. But where should I start? Then God surrounded me with a group of women who nurtured, developed, and pushed me to wear I am now.

I know the power of community. I know the power of consistency. I know the power of habits that lead to significant change.

And that's what I offer you

I've been able to implement tools to streamline by business and passions!

Adeea is more than a business coach, she is a God divine sister to me. She has provided encouragement, support and has aided me into being a savvy business woman. Through her webinars and periscope teachings, I have been able to implement more tools to streamline my passions and current businesses. I am grateful for connecting with Adeea. She is indeed a “Purpose Pusher”!  The Trendsetter Elite Inner Circle group are a group of women that provide authentic support for one another. I have enjoyed participating in the group and learning from the women within the group. I sincerely appreciate being a part of a group of women that are truly positive and eager to see one another grow and succeed.
Janelle Watkins
CEO and Founder of Women Authentic (women’s ministry) and Honestly Chic YouTube Channel
@thejanellewatkins (Instagram)

Monthly 1:1 calls to create and track goals, make plans, and brainstorm

A community of supportive women with which to grow, learn, and exchange expertise.

Live webinars and calls to equip you to implement your goals and visions.

constitution + consistency + community = success

In order to begin to see results and success, we have to have constitution (customs), become consistent, and have a community to support you along the way.

And the TrendSetter Elite Community provides the perfect atmosphere for this success formula!

Elite Inner Membership Includes...

  • 6 30-minute 1:1 consultation to use in a 12 month period ($720 value)
  • 3 30-minute 1:1 consultation to use at your discretion
  • 3 15-minute 1:1 consultations for quick questions
  • FREE enrollment in webinars ($564 value)
  • Access to Maximizing MailChimp and Maximizing Evernote webinars ($194 value)
  • Enrollment in TrendSetters Affiliate program (25% commission)
  • Weekly “Office Hours” (online chat support)
  • Email Support


  • Membership in Private FB group

Six Month Membership


$42.83 to sign up, then $32.83 every month for 6 more months

Enroll via PayPal here

Email questions to info@adeearrogers.com

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