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“Beckerize” Your Branding

“Beckerize” Your Branding

I have to admit, the Grammys do not have the same luster they once held. From the weird musical combinations to the overwhelming number of slow songs this year, performance wise it was a snooze-fest for me.


One interesting phenomenon that happened last night was the artist Beck winning several coveted Grammys, including Album of the Year. Lots of people on my timeline were like “Beck who?” I am familiar with Beck because a similar thing happened at the Grammys a decade or two ago. Beck came in and swept the Grammys in some pretty major categories. And of course, I immediately wonder what lesson can we as bloggers, brand owners and others learn from Beck.


Disclaimer: My points of view below are strictly from a branding perspective. I have my own, separate thoughts about the cultural, socio-economic and racial undercurrents of wins like these.


A few things come to mind regarding Beck’s “surprise” wins last night…
  1. Your audience also includes your industry or niche peers. Grammy members vote for grammy winners. The Grammy members are comprised of singers, songwriters, industry personnel, etc. Your audience doesn’t just include those who consume your content, but also those who could help you promote your content.
  2. Beck is an amazing example of the whole “Popular vs. Profitable” argument. Beck is definitely not popular with the masses like Beyonce and even new comer Sam Smith. But clearly he is profitable to the industry–for over 22 years. Beck shows it’s not always those with the largest platforms that get the recognition and opportunities (I can personally attest to this).
  3. Beck is diverse. He is a musician, songwriter and artist. He also blends various genres of music. None of us can afford to be a “one trick pony.” It is necessary for all of us to have multiple streams of income, products or services that could potentially put us in front of multiple types of audiences.
  4. Authenticity wins. I’ve been listening to Beck’s music today and there is something truly authentic about it. It is not auto-tuned to death. You hear instruments, not just electronics. And honestly, that’s what I grew up with. When you are your true self and allow YOUR VOICE to come through in your work, your audience and peers will connect with you. Even if your message is the lone voice in a niche, industry or on a particular topic.
  5. Gaining influence with your peers helps grow your audience. Beck writes songs. He collaborates with other artists. He explores different genres. Over the past year I have altered my stance on collaborations and partnerships. They are necessary and profitable–when you have the right one. And the right one is not necessarily the first one. But when you build authentic relationships with your peers, they don’t mind exposing you to their audiences.
  6. There are reasons to “join the club”. The Grammys are not a popularity contest in the least. No listeners’ choice here. It is voted on by the members of the Grammy Recording Academy. And according to the Grammys website, there are perks to being a member. I have ALWAYS been an advocate for joining professional or networking organizations related to your niche or genre. If nothing else, join your local Chamber of Commerce. You may not only gain new customers or readers, but you may gain new suppliers or advocates. I can’t tell you how many people (that don’t look like me) recommend me and my natural hair blog/YouTube to people because they know what I do. They may not be your audience–but they may have access to it.

As I was writing this post, I saw this article on my timeline which I think further solidifies some of my points above.

Let me know how you think you can “Beck-erize” your brand! Leave a comment below!

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