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You Will Receive Exactly What You Believe!


The title of this post is the title of my devotion from yesterday. I simply HAD TO SHARE it!

I read a devotional called 365 Days of Power by Rick Renner. It is an AMAZING devotional that contains a scripture, a prayer and a confession. It can be read in 2 minutes or less, but the impact these nuggets have on your life last far beyond that!

Anyhoo, the last two days have been about pressing forward and reaching your goals. I have chatted with some of you that have become discouraged and disillusioned on how to reach your goals. My first piece of advice is the title of the devotion for October 16.

You will receive exactly what you believe!

The scripture is based on Mark 9:23: Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

The Prayer for that day’s devotion read:

Lord, since Your Word says all things are possible to the one who believes, I am asking You to help me renew my mind to believe I can do anything You ever ask me to do with my life. Help me to truly understand that there is absolutely nothing impossible to me when I believe. I so regret the times I’ve listened to voices of doubt and unbelief who talked me out of the great victories You had in store for me. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, I will shut my ears to the voices of unbelief from this moment forward. I release my faith today to believe that anything is possible for me to do, as long as You are the One asking me to do it! I pray this in Jesus’ name!

What an amazing prayer of faith! At some point and time in all of our lives we have been guilty of not pursuing something we know we were called to do because of doubt and disbelief. Some of you haven’t started that business, created the blog or started writing the book because of doubt and disbelief. But when you believe you can, nothing is impossible!
Here are 3 ways yous can begin to receive what you believe!

Write down your dreams and goals. It is imperative that you begin to translate those secret hopes and desires into words on paper. There is a transfer of energy when you put pen to paper. And honestly, it’s an act of belief and faith. My friend, Kim Hodges, has a great book called “Write the Vision, Make it Plain.”

Invest in Yourself. Begin reading, learning and experimenting in your area of passion.

Talk to someone. Sometimes we have to kickstart our pathway to purpose by talking to someone. A coach, mentor or consultant can often help us get “unstuck” or simply motivate us to keep pressing forward. If you have a brand, blog, YouTube Channel, or business, I encourage you to sign up for my 15 minute breakthrough session on how you can still accomplish goals in 2015. It’s free. All it requires is a few minutes of your time and an open mind. Who knows…this 15 minutes could be the first step to a lifetime of fulfillment!

There is too much that needs to be done in the world today for you to sit idly by and let your dreams go undeveloped. Take that first step toward your destiny–I dare you!

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