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You Can Be Uncertain and Still Succeed

You Can Be Uncertain and Still Succeed


I found this posted by @bossbabes while scrolling Instagram yesterday.





I love this quote because so many times we think you have to become successful at 22, have a 5 year plan with checklists and charts, and know EXACTLY every step on the journey to your definition of success.I am going with the flow right now. It is very fluid, unpredictable and scary. Like white water rafting. Most of the people I encounter really don’t do well with the 3rd one “Be uncertain.” We want to see the plan from Step A to ZZ. If we only see to step F, let only step B–it tears our nerves up (smile). Here is how I choose to look at uncertainty:

  1. It can cause great transformation in our hearts and souls
  2. It keeps us from getting too comfortable, bored, and stagnant
  3. It sparks creativity
Ultimately, the goal is to keep moving and enjoy the journey–no matter when you start and what happens along the way!

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