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3 Elements From Black Panther to Create Your Brand Holiday

The phenomenon of this weekend is a principle I teach called the “brand holiday.”   My definition of a brand holiday is   AN INTENTIONAL OPPORTUNITY TO COMMEMORATE YOUR BRAND AND ITS MESSAGE, CELEBRATE YOUR NEW AND EXISTING COMMUNITY, AND CREATE OPPORTUNITIES AND CONTENT THAT RESONATES WITH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.   You can create a […]

Episode 3: Life of a Creative: Ava Duvernay

Photo from Variety Magazine In this episode of The TrendSetters Podcast, it’s my favorite segment–The Life of a Creative. I feature the Oscar-nominated, award winning film director and easily the top 5 examples of #blackgirlmagic, Ava Duvernay. So many quotes, lessons, and parts to her journey that many of us can relate to…can’t wait for you […]

TrendSetters Podcast Ep. 02: Life of a Creative: Chance the Rapper

  I am fascinated by the life of creatives. From rappers to film directors, I am intrigued by what motivates them, their mantras, how they approach their work, etc. Coming off 3 stellar wins at the 2017 Grammys, my first focus for my series The Life of a Creative is Chance the Rapper. An award […]

Your H.E.A.R.T. is Your Art: Branding That Stands Out

Last night officially kicked off the season glam, gown, and good times in “tinsel town” with the Golden Globes. Most of my friends share the fashion (of which there was plenty), the beauty, the hairstyles, and the moments. And I’m here for all of that. But I am a sincere fan of the speeches. I […]

10 Ways to Get Your Business Ready for the Holiday Season

We are officially 107 sleeps away from Christmas. Some of you are giving me serious side eye because we just celebrated Labor Day. Like, it’s still 90 degrees here and I’m talking about Christmas. I know, I know, don’t leave yet though!!! Whether this is your first holiday season offering products or services or you’re […]

“Beckerize” Your Branding

I have to admit, the Grammys do not have the same luster they once held. From the weird musical combinations to the overwhelming number of slow songs this year, performance wise it was a snooze-fest for me.   One interesting phenomenon that happened last night was the artist Beck winning several coveted Grammys, including Album […]

Facing Fear and Doubt as a Brand Owner

Three days ago, I had a moment. And when I say a moment, I mean a “I ain’t doing this branding, INHMD, YouTube, blogging stuff” anymore moment. I went into full pity party mode–with a VIP section. I had been working diligently on several projects with no response. The silence was…………..DEAFENING. And so it was […]

Branding Lessons from Beyonce’s Album Release

While many of us were nestled down all snug in our beds, the most unexpected album of the year was released on iTunes on Friday, December 13, 2013. Mrs. Beyonce Knowles Carter released her fifth album, Beyonce. When I woke up this morning, my Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook feeds were full of surprise, adoration and […]

The BIG Game Gives a Nod to Small Business

I am a “sort of” football fan. More college than pro. I think when I attend a pro game, that will change a little. But I digress. This Sunday is THE BIG GAME (am I allowed to use the words yet? Trying NOT to get sued LOL). As a PR girl, I ALWAYS look at […]

The Branding Lesson We Can Learn from Pam Oliver’s Hair Fiasco

Last week my Twitter feed was full commentary on the football games. Bets lost. People lamenting or celebrating on the fate of potential Super Bowl bound teams. But there was another twitter feed happening that was indirectly related to football. A picture kept popping up on my various social media timelines… Men and women were […]

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