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4 Ways to Improve Email Efficiency

For those of us who conduct business online, email is a necessary part of our daily lives. A lot of productivity gurus believe there are a lot of time wasters and distractions in our inbox–which is true. But, for some of us, part of our income lies in our inbox. I think effective email management […]

Build Your Email List: Make It A Priority!

*In my Sophia from “The Golden Girls” voice… Picture it December 30, 2013 around 11:30 PM I am sitting on the same sofa I’ve been stuck to since 4 PM that same day working on initiatives related to iGrind Naturally and my website. I was winding down when I decided to share some events I […]

4 Ways to Brand Your Email Auto Reply Message

I revealed last night during my webinar on time management and productivity that I do not like auto reply messages when I send emails to people. And it’s for two primary reasons… It’s stating the obvious (to me). I assume you’re going to respond to me in a day or two It’s another email I […]

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