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You Will Receive Exactly What You Believe!

The title of this post is the title of my devotion from yesterday. I simply HAD TO SHARE it! I read a devotional called 365 Days of Power by Rick Renner. It is an AMAZING devotional that contains a scripture, a prayer and a confession. It can be read in 2 minutes or less, but […]

Even “Amazing” People Can Become Depressed

People are usually very complimentary of me and the “amazing” things I do and have accomplished (praise God). If this is your first foray into Trendy Socialite land, I’ve done a couple of things over the past few years. Creator of International Natural Hair Meetup Day, #1 multi-city natural hair meetup in the world YouTuber […]

REJECT Fear Based Motivation and ATTRACT Abundance

I am on quite a few email lists and RSS feeds. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among some bloggers, coaches and consultants. And I see it as soon as I read their email title or subject of their latest blog posts. I often see titles like The 5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail Why You Will […]

Happy New Year! A New (Half) Year, A New You

Today is July 1. For many organizations it is the start of a new fiscal year. The books are hopefully closed and you can start anew. During this mid-way point in the calendar year, many organizations are launching new initiatives, campaigns and areas of foci. What about you and I? Why can’t we launch or […]

From Vision Board to Achievement!

Since the release of the widely successful book, The Secret, vision boards have increased immensely in popularity. Vision Boards were introduced by John Assaraf in the movie, The Secret, an adaptation of the book. They are visual representations of the life that you ultimately want to have. They are designed to: Help us to become very clear […]

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