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10 Things to Do At the Beginning of Every Month

One thing that I learned in 2017 is that a fresh start can happen at any time. And sometimes things that happen on our life require fresh starts. Jokotade says, “a fresh start is a journey—a journey that requires a plan.” DON’T just say, “let’s see what happens this month.” Be intentional by creating a […]

3 Ways to Use Digital Tools to Support A Paper Planner Lifestyle

The one thing I rarely encounter in my life as a coach and lifestyle designer is someone with a shortage of ideas, dreams, or goals. It’s usually quite the opposite. We are full of things we want to do, content we want to create, and lifestyles we want to build. Where we sometimes get stuck […]

A Message And Call to Action for My Millennial Sisters

As I write this, I know many who are uncertain, concerned, and worried about what the future holds. There is a changing of the guards in the leadership of this country. We have exchanged the known of the past 8 years for the unknown. It is uncertain and scary. But I refuse to lose hope. […]

I Should Have Said No

I’m sitting here in Starbucks. Stressed. Someone else’s bright idea has now become my headache. I should have said no. Don’t be like me. Learn from my mistake. I was hesitant about the idea from the jump. I should have followed my first mind (like the old folks say) and said no. This has been […]

3 Must Haves for a Successful 2017–Nope, None Are a Vision Board

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Whether you are an entrepreneur, have a side hustle, a passion project–or simply want to develop one; we are all making plans for 2016 (or at least we should be). One now staple of vision casting for the new year are vision boards. I love a vision […]

Let’s SOAR Together During Steve Harvey’s SOAR Retreat

soar /sôr/ verb increase rapidly above the usual level Weird things fascinate me. I am fascinated by the creative process of various type of people. I am fascinated by the habits of leaders. I learn so much from their example and stories. I am also fascinated by the flight pattern of birds. Yes. Birds. Many birds […]

5 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From Misty Copeland

Little girls often dream of being ballerinas. Something about the statuesque grace and fluid movements of dancers are sometimes one of our early examples of being “a girl.” Last week the little girl in all of us rejoiced when ballerina, Misty Copeland, was tapped as the first African-American principal dancer of the American Ballet Theater […]

My Personal Declaration of Independence

  As many of you are making plans for a busy, fun-filled or relaxing weekend, I hope what I share in this post will be in the back of your mind–especially when you return to work and your normal routine on Monday. I will never forget June 29, 2015. It is and was a pivotal […]

What Dad Taught Me…Leadership Lessons from My Daddy!

There is no question that I love my parents, A. Ray and Eve Rogers. Just check my social media feed. Three things you don’t mess with in my life–God, and A. Ray and Eve. My father is an amazing man and father. He continues to be an amazing provider and leader within our family (my […]

Stay in the Game! Lessons From HEARTBREAKING ECU Loss!

If you follow me online or even if you don’t, you may have heard about my alma mater’s, East Carolina University, heartbreaking loss to UCF literally in the last 5 seconds of our last home game of the season. Look at this mess…LOL I can’t even watch the replay…Anyway, when things like this happen–no matter […]

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