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Next Level Creativity from MJB’s “The London Sessions” Album

This is becoming a thing, huh? Last year this time I post the branding lessons we can learn from Beyonce’s (surprise) album release. And now I’ve had another album epiphany with the (expected) release of Mary J. Blige’s album, The London Sessions. As I type, I am listening to her new music…but it was something […]

10 Leadership Lessons for Women in “Beyond the Lights” Movie

Last week I had the pleasure of attending an advanced screening of the new movie, “Beyond the Lights.” This movie was written any directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. If the name sounds familiar, but you are not immediately familiar with her work, let me drop this title on you.   YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!! In the movie, Beyond the […]

Invest in Yourself! The 5 Reasons Continuing Education is Vital

I am writing this blog post from a cool brownstone in New York City (check my Instagram page @trendysocialite for pictures)! My expo BFF and Head Curl in Charge at Sisters With Beauty, Diana, and I are here for Blogging While Brown (BWB). This is my first time attending this event. I have always heard amazing […]

The Secret Society of Successful Sisters

This post is dedicated to my crew: too many to name individually, but you know who you are (including the men :)). I must admit I struggled with this title. I originally wanted to title it “Why You Should Have Friendships with Other Successful Women.” But I felt that perhaps someone would think it fake […]

They Grind Naturally! Natural Hair Sisters of the 2014 Grio 100!

For the past several years I have looked forward to black history month for one particular reason–the release of The Grio 100. According to its website, the Grio 100 are “100 people making history today — 10 people in 10 fields of expertise: Business, Health, Education, Science & the Environment, Media, Pop Culture, Arts & […]

How The Tipping Point Shaped Me As A Leader

I read. A lot. Magazines, books, blogs, gossip blogs…if it has information I want, I read it. I am a self-proclaimed information junkie. I love information and knowledge. There was a time in my life where I was reading a book a week. I read on the shuttle going from building to building at work. […]

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