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10 Things to Do At the Beginning of Every Month

One thing that I learned in 2017 is that a fresh start can happen at any time. And sometimes things that happen on our life require fresh starts. Jokotade says, “a fresh start is a journey—a journey that requires a plan.” DON’T just say, “let’s see what happens this month.” Be intentional by creating a […]

6 L’s to Help Create Your a Daily Routine

It is pretty well documented that most “successful” (I use quotes because success is subjective and relative) people have a morning routine. Some call it a morning ritual. Or a daily routine. Whatever you want to call it, it works. John Maxwell says, “the secret to success can be found in your daily routine.” In […]

4 Ways to Use Evernote Planning Calendar Templates

  There are lots of days on my calendar that I look forward to throughout the year. Birthdays. ECU Homecoming. Black Friday. The release of the next year’s Evernote calendars.   Yeah, I know…LOL But it’s my sign of transitioning and planning for the upcoming year. There are many ways to use the Evernote planning calendar […]

6 Ways I Use Evernote Daily

If you’re around me for much longer than about an hour, the note taking app Evernote probably comes up in our conversation (smile). When I first got my iPad about 5 or so years ago, I just knew that was going to make me super productive and organized. And it has. Why? Because I really […]

Adopt A Summer Schedule: Enjoy Summer & Maintain Productivity

The weather here in NC has been beautiful the past few days. The sunny days and warm weather have me thinking about hanging outside, taking trips and going to events, and not feeling “trapped inside” because I’m working. When you’re building a biz, that last one can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. […]

3 Ways Evernote Can Help You Enjoy Your Summer

For many, summer is their favorite time of year. Sunny days.  Picnics. BBQs. Cookouts. Swimsuits. Shorts. Sunglasses. Friends. Fellowship. Frolic. Getting excited? Yeah. Me too. Whether we have our own summer adventures or send our children on their own, there is also a lot to organize and keep track of during the summer.  Airline confirmations. […]

3 Ways to Use Digital Tools to Support A Paper Planner Lifestyle

The one thing I rarely encounter in my life as a coach and lifestyle designer is someone with a shortage of ideas, dreams, or goals. It’s usually quite the opposite. We are full of things we want to do, content we want to create, and lifestyles we want to build. Where we sometimes get stuck […]

4 Ways to Use Evernote to Plan and Create Content

  One of my goals for my business this year is to amplify my brand’s exposure and reach. I have made strategic and intentional plans to do that by creating more content. So to that end, I have Launched a weekly Twitter Chat #TrendSettersChat Launched a podcast called TrendSetters Increased consistency and frequency of written […]

Is Your Brand’s Light On?

A few months ago, I was riding through my neighborhood. For some reason on this day. I must have been in a chill mood. Because usually I’m just trying to get home or get where I’m going. But on this day, I was looking at the houses and landscapes.  I passed by a house that […]

I Should Have Said No

I’m sitting here in Starbucks. Stressed. Someone else’s bright idea has now become my headache. I should have said no. Don’t be like me. Learn from my mistake. I was hesitant about the idea from the jump. I should have followed my first mind (like the old folks say) and said no. This has been […]

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