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4 Ways to Use Evernote Planning Calendar Templates

  There are lots of days on my calendar that I look forward to throughout the year. Birthdays. ECU Homecoming. Black Friday. The release of the next year’s Evernote calendars.   Yeah, I know…LOL But it’s my sign of transitioning and planning for the upcoming year. There are many ways to use the Evernote¬†planning calendar […]

6 Ways I Use Evernote Daily

If you’re around me for much longer than about an hour, the note taking app Evernote probably comes up in our conversation (smile). When I first got my iPad about 5 or so years ago, I just knew that was going to make me super productive and organized. And it has. Why? Because I really […]

3 Ways Evernote Can Help You Enjoy Your Summer

For many, summer is their favorite time of year. Sunny days.¬† Picnics. BBQs. Cookouts. Swimsuits. Shorts. Sunglasses. Friends. Fellowship. Frolic. Getting excited? Yeah. Me too. Whether we have our own summer adventures or send our children on their own, there is also a lot to organize and keep track of during the summer.¬† Airline confirmations. […]

4 Ways to Use Evernote to Plan and Create Content

  One of my goals for my business this year is to amplify my brand’s exposure and reach. I have made strategic and intentional plans to do that by creating more content. So to that end, I have Launched a weekly Twitter Chat #TrendSettersChat Launched a podcast called TrendSetters Increased consistency and frequency of written […]

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