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10 Ways to Get Your Business Ready for the Holiday Season

We are officially 107 sleeps away from Christmas. Some of you are giving me serious side eye because we just celebrated Labor Day. Like, it’s still 90 degrees here and I’m talking about Christmas. I know, I know, don’t leave yet though!!! Whether this is your first holiday season offering products or services or you’re […]

Create An After Work Ritual That Will #TriggerTheHustle

There are a good number of us that our true passion, purpose of life’s work occur after we clock out of a 9-5. Some of us use nights, lunch hours and weekends to work on our business, go back to school, write, etc. But let’s face it. No matter how much we want to work […]

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Productivity

My name is Adeea and I procrastinate. A lot. Here is a working definition of procrastination.   Unclutch your pearls…smile. I know you read this title and are thinking, “Whhhhhaaaaaaaaat?!?! There is no way procrastinators can be productive.” And you’re right. I guess a more accurate title is “How Not to Lose Your Mind When […]

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