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Episode 4: Fit and Fierce with Concita Thomas

Episode 4: Fit and Fierce with Concita Thomas

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Concita Thomas

Fitness and Nutrition Strategist

In this episode I am interviewing fitness and nutrition strategist, Concita Thomas.  Concita Thomas is the Food & Fitness Strategist behind She is on a mission to help busy women on the go look and feel fit and fierce without making the process a second job. This conversation is packed full of nuggets and wisdom!

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In this episode:

  • Find out what it means to be “skinny and struggling”
  • Discover the 2 things you can do in the “Figure Friendly Eating Kickstart” that will kickstart your health and nutrition goals
  • Energy maintaining snacks for the busy, side hustlers,and entrepreneurs
  • How to intentionally add movement into your daily life
  • 3 Ways to “cut through the noise” and find effective online apps and services


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