Have you looked at your social media and email marketing and wish you could find someone to do that for you? 


Let me do that for you...

For several years, I've been teaching you to do different things in your brand, blog, or biz like create emails,  set up Evernote, and create content for things like social media.

Now I'm offering you the opportunity to let me do that for you...

Hey There! My name is Adeea Rogers. You may have seen me in these Internet streets as The Trendy Socialite. I started off doing natural hair YouTube videos back in the day (circa 2009). One of things every YouTuber worth his/her salt would say is


We understood that for people to value what we had to offer, they had to see what we had to offer. And in order to do that, they needed to subscribe to our channel.

A couple of years later in 2011, I started hosting natural hair events in my local community. And in 2012, I had the crazy idea that all of my other natural hair organizer friends and I should host events in our cities all on the same day--and International Natural Hair Meetup Day was born.

For the most part, INHMD was almost solely done via online marketing. One of the ways I kept in contact was via email. Whether it was sharing planning information with event hosts, or telling interested participants who was sponsoring and whether there was an event close to them--email marketing was one of the main tools I used to grow this event.

Email marketing continues to be a primary and efficient way to community with our clients, customers, readers, subscribers, and communities. One thing I've continued to see, even as social media continues to expand...


Stats and marketing jargon aside, let's look at this in real life We all know someone who has "taken a break" from social media. Heck, we may have done it. We also know someone who isn't on some popular social media platform we love (for me, it's SnapChat--I know, I know).

Here's the thing...people rarely take an extended break from their email (no matter how much we may want to). Even during religious holidays, some people will still remain somewhat connected via email.

What if the person that could drop multiple figures with you missed your post on social media? Or what if someone who is looking for a natural hair care product their hair loves isn't on FaceBook?

You're leaving money on the table...

I also know that as an entrepreneur we have to maximize our time. And sometimes simply providing services, making products, and "doing our business" takes up most of our time and energy.

You've heard me and other say how important it is to communicate with your audiene via email. But with all that's going on in life and your business, you may ask...


Let me help you with that!

For a couple of years, I've taught some of you how to use software like MailChimp to create onboarding sequences and send emails.

Days, weeks, even months later, some would comment and say, "Oh I still need to do that."

I get it.

Do any of the below statements describe your thoughts about email marketing?

  • It's hard to find the time to email your audience
  • You want to email your subscribers, but you don't know what to say
  • You've been meaning to writing that onboarding, nurture, or sales sequence, but you haven't quite gotten around to it yet
  • The technical aspects of setting up sequences, auto responders interests you about as much as watching paint dry...

Sometimes you just need to sacrifice, bite the bullet, and let someone help you strike that item off the list once and for all.

And that's what I'm here to do!

Introducing ...


I am offering an opportunity to allow me to help you get some of the email marketing done that you've put off for weeks or even months. In this package, you will receive

  • 4 emails (onboarding sequence, funnel sequence, or 4 individual sales emails)
  • 30 Minute Consultation to discuss sequence
  • Up to 3 draft email(s)
  • Folder sharing for upload of graphics and final files
  • Approximately a 7 business day turnaround from consultation to completion

With this "Let me help you with that" service, you can get one of your email marketing sequences done for you!

Here's What People Are Saying...

I only have a select number of spaces monthly to help small business owners create a 4-5 email sequence.

What we need from you...

  • Brand, product, and personal graphics and photos
  • Completion of questionnaire (at time you schedule appointment)
  • 1-2 examples of prior emails or emails you feel represent your voice

Here I go again with this dumb low price...

I am offering this service for a very limited time for $97!

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