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4 Ways to Use Evernote to Plan and Create Content

4 Ways to Use Evernote to Plan and Create Content

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One of my goals for my business this year is to amplify my brand’s exposure and reach. I have made strategic and intentional plans to do that by creating more content. So to that end, I have

  • Launched a weekly Twitter Chat #TrendSettersChat
  • Launched a podcast called TrendSetters
  • Increased consistency and frequency of written content¬†

I’m still mostly a solopreneur, although I do have an amazing part time assistant. But when it comes to the creation of content, that is almost solely a solo act. I knew in order to make it all work (and still sleep), I would need help and organization.

You know I love Evernote (so much I trained to be a certified consultant). So I created templates and guides to help me keep it all together and keep it all in one place.

The four items below I use every week to create content–and they have been a mind and life saver. One important thing to note–all of these can be shared with assistants and other staff for execution and implementation.

  1. Content Calendar: I have a monthly calendar template to plot out what I want to create and it links to the actual content notes!
  2. Blog or Written Content Outline: I have a content creation worksheet that helps me to be strategic in the information I want to share. The beautiful part is I can use that same note as an outline for a livestreaming video or YouTube video. One worksheet–multiple purposes. #winning
  3. Twitter Chat Planning Guide: I can create all of the pre chat tweets, questions and answers for my weekly twitter chats. This leaves me free to engage with the other participants and share their content during the chat.
  4. Podcast Planning Outline: Launching this podcast is unchartered territory for me (translation: scary), so having an outline of what I am going to talk about helps. After it’s recorded, I can also link the recording inside of the note for future use or sharing.

Evernote has been a life and mind saver as I continue to increase the valuable content I offer to the awesome community I serve. If you’re curious about EvernoteI offer live virtual and recorded trainings on Evernote.

How do you use Evernote to create or organize your content? Let me know in the comments!

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