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3 Ways Evernote Can Help You Enjoy Your Summer

3 Ways Evernote Can Help You Enjoy Your Summer

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For many, summer is their favorite time of year.

Sunny days. 

Picnics. BBQs. Cookouts.

Swimsuits. Shorts. Sunglasses.

Friends. Fellowship. Frolic.

Getting excited?

Yeah. Me too.

Whether we have our own summer adventures or send our children on their own, there is also a lot to organize and keep track of during the summer. 

Airline confirmations. Summer Camp Forms. Online tickets.

And we can waste “memory making” time searching for these in our homes or email inboxes.

My favorite tool for keeping all these pieces accessible and in one place is 


I know. Big surprise.

It is no secret to most, that for me, Evernote is bae (I use #evernoteisbae as the hashtag on Instagram).


Evernote is a multi-platform notetaking app. With a relatively simple process of creating notes, notebooks, and tagging, you can keep track of multiple projects and parts of your life–all in one place!



During the summer, we are a lot more mobile. And dare I say, a bit more spontaneous. Whether it’s staycations or vacations, we venture to parks, festivals, events, etc. more than other times of year. We buy tickets online and take advantage of Groupon specials. For those with children, we plan for them to attend summer camps, outings, and other activities. There are forms, waivers, schedules, and lists that may accompany our kids’ activities. How many of you have been in Walmart at midnight on Sunday night trying to purchase items for the summer camp that starts the next day? Only to realize you left the printed list at home and now you’re standing in aisle scrolling through your phone like mad trying to find the email with the list.

Enter Evernote.

Evernote can be the place to capture all of that information!


Here are 3 Ways Evernote can help you enjoy your summer…


Create a Travel Notebook


Planning a trip, even solo dolo, has a lot of moving parts. There are travel tickets, event tickets, hotel confirmations, other registrations, what to pack, etc. In Evernote you can create a notebook or notebook stack for your trip that can keep all of those confirmations in one place.



If you have the Plus, Premium, or Business versions of Evernote, it’s as simple as your forwarding these confirmation to Evernote email address and moving them to the correct notebook (or using a little bit of code in the subject line of the email).

You can create notebooks for each trip (not just during the summer, but year round). In your trip notebook, you can create or forward different notes for confirmations, places to visit, tickets, etc.


Keep Track of Kids’ Summer Activities


Our children have a lot going on throughout the year, but the coordination of summer activities can be especially daunting. There may be multiple camps, sports, and other activities. There are forms to complete, checklists of items to purchase or bring, and schedules to keep up with.

Evernote is again the perfect place to place this information and have it at your fingertips (you can download the app on your phone).

Scan physicals, immunizations, and other pertinent medical information and have them accessible. You can create a link and share it with family, camp staff, emergency contacts, etc.


Use Web Clipper for Summer Time Fun!


Evernote Web Clipper is a great way to capture the fun things you want to do, tickets you want to buy, places you want to go during the summer. Run across an article about the 10 places to eat when you visit the beach next month? Clip it and save it to your Travel Notebook for that trip? Find a Groupon experience online that you want to take advantage of? Clip the link for later. Talking to a friend or colleague and they give you the low down on the city you’re visiting for your family reunion? Take notes and clip the websites for future reference!

Evernote can be the perfect summer time assistant!


If you would like to jumpstart your use of Evernote, schedule a 30 minute consultation with me! We will get on Zoom and I will help you set up your Evernote and show you how to maximize it for your use. Increase your summer time fun with Evernote!

If you want a more comprehensive training on how you can use Evernote, not just for the summer, but in your business, check out my e-class!

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