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Happy New Year! A New (Half) Year, A New You

Happy New Year! A New (Half) Year, A New You


Today is July 1. For many organizations it is the start of a new fiscal year. The books are hopefully closed and you can start anew. During this mid-way point in the calendar year, many organizations are launching new initiatives, campaigns and areas of foci.

What about you and I? Why can’t we launch or re-launch, direct or redirect our goals, dreams and desires  at this midway point of the calendar year? I say we can! So, before we continue on ways in which you can do that…



If you think about it, this is actually an amazing time of year in which to evaluate and reignite your passion to work on existing goals and a great time to start new goals or initiatives. The weather is warmer, days last longer and you can even work outside at your favorite cafe or getaway location.

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Personally, my “new year” begins a month prior on June 1. That is the day I began full-time, self employment. I live the quote, “if it is to be, it is up to me.” (with God’s leadership). I am at a point in my journey, where it’s either


For me, some sacrifices of comfort are worth it if it will get me that much closer to my ultimate goals, that much quicker.

What sacrifices are you willing to make in order to achieve your goals?

I understand that for some of us, going back home is not at all feasible. But are you willing to make temporary adjustments in your life for long-term gain and reward?

I find that some of us (including me) sometimes shy away from the uncomfortable in order to achieve our goals. Not because they are uncomfortable, but because we wonder what other people may think of our personal choices. For me, the freedom I now feel is worth any “side eye” I may get from someone who has NO INVESTMENT in my dreams or goals.

I encourage you to declare HAPPY NEW YEAR to yourself and your goals! Even if life circumstances didn’t allow you to accomplish all that you wanted in the first half of this year, do not let that deter you from accomplishing something this second half. It is never too late to begin creating the life that you want!

Here are my tips for A New (Half) Year, A New You:

Revisit your vision board and goals: If you created a vision board at the beginning of the year, please review it. Have you seen any momentum towards the fulfillment of any of these visions? If not, don’t fret. It’s still not too late! Look at your vision board and goals and create some action steps and items that you can begin working on immediately. Check out my article on putting your vision board into action.
Organize goals and projects: No project or goal is completed in one step or action. Therefore, in order to begin to create the life and lifestyle you want, you have to begin with one step. Write down all the things you have to do in order to accomplish a goal. Keep asking yourself “what’s the next thing I need to do in order to accomplish this task?” This is known in productivity circles as the Strategic Next Action (SNA). After you have exhausted this list, I suggest implementing some sort of list-making or project management software. I am a relatively new user of (what I think) is an innovative software package called Asana:


This software allows you to organize your tasks by projects; as opposed to just a list in Outlook or Wunderlist. For those of you that live by the GTD (Getting Things Done) method, Asana is very useful in this system. There is also an app.

As things come to your mind about the tasks associated with your goals and projects, consider using an app like Evernote in order to capture details.



I LOVE Evernote! It is a great place to capture ideas, lists, blog posts, program creation, etc. My favorite part is the fact that it syncs across all your devices. So I can create or edit notes on my phone, desktop, and tablet! Find out why I refer to Evernote as “bae” here.

You can create the task in Asana, and put the details in Evernote. Personally, this is my 1-2 punch (and my calendar) for productivity!

Schedule 30 minutes to an hour DAILY to work on goals and projects: Creating the life you want does not happen without dedicated work. It is important to consistently plug away at your goals and project tasks. I know it’s summer and we all want to engage in lots of summer fun! I do and plan to…but what if you could create a lifestyle where summer vacations could happen whenever you wanted? What if you did not have to worry about your personal or vacation leave because you have an unlimited amount of potential days off because you work for yourself? My former business coach “retired” from her job in the IT industry because she was able to replace her income with multiple streams of income that she has been working on for several years now. She was very diligent in working on her goals every day (except Sunday) when she worked full-time. And she is married with children. For those of you with families, if she can do it, so can you!

Invest in yourself: I seek out opportunities to learn, grown, and become better at my craft. On my own dime. Why?  Because frankly, I’m worth it. The development of my talent, gifts and skills through webinars, conferences and trainings are a great investment with the most significant amount of return. And as a result of attending this conference and the connections and conversations I’ve had, I am about to dig my heels in for a complete overhaul to my brand…


Had I not made this strategic investment in myself, I would not have had the courage to make some scary decisions over the past few days. But I am certain these decisions are necessary to accomplish my goals and achieve the lifestyle I want.

I am a member of two group coaching groups that are NOT free. Part of the reason I am now experiencing some momentum and growth in my emerging business is that I am investing in my own development and growth. Please stop thinking that personal development is optional, frivolous or unnecessary. Developing your skill and talent in your area of passion is the BEST possible investment you can make!

One way you can start investing in yourself, is to schedule a one-on-one call with me. In our time together, I give you clarity, affirmation, and actionable steps to take to work toward your goals and dreams. A huge part of the actionable steps are the productivity tools and time management tips to make it work with your lifestyle. Yes, it will still take sacrifice, but I think you’re worth it–don’t you?

I am excited to have the rest of this year to really rock out and make significant progress in creating the life I ultimately want.

What are you going to do in the new (half) year?


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