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6 Holiday Season Content Ideas

6 Holiday Season Content Ideas

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During the holiday season, few of us want to take away a significant amount of time from family and friends to post to our blog, email our audiences or create new videos. But we also do not want to miss opportunities to engage with our existing audience and grow our audience. Here are 6 ways to recycle existing content during the holiday season.

  1.  Top Post List: List of your top posts lists. The number is completely up to you. You could choose the posts based on content (The Top 3 Posts on Natural Hair Care Regimen Practices); or based on interaction and comments (The Top 5 Most Popular Posts on the ‘X,Y, Z Blog’ This Year); or just your favorites (My Favorite Posts From This Year
  2. Any type of List Posts: List posts are easy to create and easy to read (I’m writing this during Thanksgiving). Topics really are endless and can be pulled from content you already have. List ideas include: Favorite Products I Discovered This Year, Favorite People I Met This Year, Favorite Places I Traveled to This Year, Best Events I Attended This Year, Favorite YouTube Videos This Year (someone else’s and doesn’t have to be limited to just your niche), Favorite YouTube Videos This Year (yours)
  3. Year In Review: This is your opportunity to walk down memory lane and recount some of the highlights of the year. You could actually have several types of year-in-review posts depending on the type of content you create. Topics include, but aren’t limited to, Fashion, Healthy Lifestyle, Hair, and Events.
  4. Milestones: Chronicle any milestones you achieved during the year.
  5. Sponsor, Partners, Collaborators Shout Out: Show love and appreciation to those who have supported your brand through sponsorships throughout the year–especially brands with which you have an ongoing relationship.
  6. Fan Shout Out: If you have a subscriber, customer or follower that supports you consistently, give them a shout out. Or if you have a particular encounter with a supporter that was impactful, share that with your audience. Make sure to include a picture! This can move those from an occasional supporter to an unofficial brand ambassador…which equates to priceless support.

Consider spending some time creating this type of content and schedule them to post during the holiday season. Your audience (and your analytics) will thank you!

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