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Invest in Yourself! The 5 Reasons Continuing Education is Vital


I am writing this blog post from a cool brownstone in New York City (check my Instagram page @trendysocialite for pictures)! My expo BFF and Head Curl in Charge at Sisters With Beauty, Diana, and I are here for Blogging While Brown (BWB). This is my first time attending this event. I have always heard amazing things about it and I’m excited that I invested in myself and decided to attend.

I have always been taught and firmly believe that continuing education is vital to one’s career and personal progression. If you want to do anything in life and do it well, it is imperative that we are “lifelong learners.” Even in the digital age with so information literally at our fingertips, there is still immense value in attending conferences and trainings and to, as my grandmother puts it, “get your lesson out.”

As part of annual evaluation at my full-time gig, I have to submit what I would like to do as my self and professional development for the next year. That includes attending a conference, presenting at a conference and publishing articles. My employers believe in investing in their employees through continuing education. And I find that a lot of employers do, but a lot of employees just do not take advantage.

I am attending BWB on my own dime…and I do not consider it a waste of time or resources. In fact, I consider it the greatest investment I’ve made in myself in quite a while. Warren Buffet says this on investing in yourself…


It is each of our responsibility to invest in our talent and expertise by attending trainings, webinars and conferences. We cannot look at it as giving money to someone else. But instead an opportunity to add to our skill and knowledge base–something that can reap many more dividends for much longer than the expenses incurred by attending a conference.

Watch this video to find out the dividends you can receive by investing in yourself by attending a conference or training.

Here is what one attendee had to say about my webinars:

The comprehensive workshops have given me the tools to educate, organize and continue to learn about mixing my passion and  how I can help my community.
~ Rica Elysee, Boston Naturals
In what ways will you invest in yourself through continuing education for the remainder of the year?

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