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A Message And Call to Action for My Millennial Sisters

A Message And Call to Action for My Millennial Sisters

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As I write this, I know many who are uncertain, concerned, and worried about what the future holds. There is a changing of the guards in the leadership of this country. We have exchanged the known of the past 8 years for the unknown. It is uncertain and scary.

But I refuse to lose hope. I am sitting here listening to my favorite playlist and hopeful. Yes. FULL. OF. HOPE.

I am a Gen Xer. I am likely around the same age as some of your parents or favorite family members.

My generation was known as the “unknown” generation–hence the term X. We were a variable. No one knew what we would do or become. We have done a lot of good and some of the creature comforts you have been accustomed to–weren’t even a thought when I was your age. A lot of the firsts that are still happening today are thanks to Gen Xers who refuse to be defeated or limited in their capabilities or abilities.

But, I also have to say we haven’t exactly hit it out of the park on some stuff. So I have to apologize to you for leaving you with some serious stuff to deal with, clean up and sort out.

So I think it’s only fair that as your big sister (in my head), I help you navigate some of these waters. My generation can’t make a mess and then exit the room saying, “Here–you clean it up.”

While walking through the grocery store earlier, God told me to be a true big sister–and call you to action. 

History has shown us a lot. But one thing that it has always shown is that at some of the scariest and most uncertain times, WOMEN HAVE ALWAYS STEPPED UP TO THE LEADERSHIP PLATE. Whether we were acknowledged or not–we are natural change agents.

And so as your big sister, I am calling the leader inside of you to stand up and take your turn at bat. And I’m here in the dugout to help you cheer and encourage you to hit a home run. Not only for your own life–but for our world. 

In order to begin making an impact and creating change, there are 3 things you will need.


It’s time to mobilize. Here are 3 things I need all of my millennial sisters to have to create change, success, and impact in their own lives and the lives of others.



No matter your interests or passions, find a cause or message of empowerment to support it. If you are in to fashion, incorporate positive body image awareness into your messaging. If you are a makeup maven, talk about the diversity of beauty and how the most beautiful part of us is inside. If you’re into history, flip that into a message that will help us to not repeat past mistakes.

Task: Think of a cause or a message you want to share. Brainstorm a hashtag. Register it on twubs.




You need two communities. You need a community to serve. It could be foster youth. Or domestic violence victims. Or veterans. Any successful initiative has its target audience. You will need a target community to impact. You will not be able to help everyone, but you can help someone.

You also need a community to be a part of. The work of an change maker and activist is not easy and can get tiresome. You need a community of like-minded women who can encourage, help, and motivate you. You also need this community so you can cross promote your initiatives.


We need to go FAR, not just fast.

Task: I created a FB group where we can gather, share, and mobilize. You can join it here.



In order to share your message, create change, and perhaps even make a living, you will need to create content (that may include products). In order to do this, you will need internet real estate and a way to communicate with the community you serve and are part of. I recommend two things:

  • A website
  • An email list

A self-hosted website will cost a little bit to set up. Website domains can be as inexpensive as .99. You should always get your name on all social media (including domain name) anyway.

Get your family and friends to help. Create a PayPal account and a link and ask family and friends to donate $5 or $10. A year of website hosting costs about $60. My website host of choice is SiteGround. You can secure your hosting here.

I suggest a WordPress based site. You can use it for blogging, sharing videos, creating events, etc. If you know you want to create tangible products, then look into sites like Shopify (the current industry fave), Store Envy, Big Cartel. Each of these sites have costs associated with them, so you may need to plan to work toward this.

For a WordPress site, you will need a theme. There are minimalist themes that are free–that’s a perfectly fine place to start. The point is to start a place where you can create content for your cause and community. Don’t get caught up or bogged down in looking for a theme right now. The theme I like right now

Don’t think you cannot build your own website. I watched an episdoe of Best Friends last night on Disney about this (don’t judge me LOL). All you have to do is try. And I’m pretty sure you have friends that have some talents in this area–enlist their help or guidance.

You’re going to use this site to share your work. Your events. Your poetry. Your films. Your stories. Your thoughts. Your programs. Your products. Your services. This is the home you will create for your life’s work. It will evolve, change, grow–but it’s yours. Whether you’re a doctor, a grad student, or a farmer–you need a place to create and share.

Task: Go to and check on the availability of your If that’s not available, add your middle initial. If you can, buy the domain (we can worry about the rest later. Secure your first and last name on all social media platforms as well, or change your existing name on the platforms you use. It’s time to get serious.

January 20, 2017 at 9 PM EST I am hosting a conference call for women. The purpose of this call is to motivate and encourage you to take up this call to action and to create change. You can join the call at 319-527-2804 ACCESS CODE: 311798

If you miss the call, join the FB group so you can catch up and get connected.

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