If Given the Tools and Techniques, Do You Think You Could Create the Life YOU WANT?

I am convinced that now more than ever that we (individuals and families) MUST determine what we want our lives to look like and then do the work necessary to get there. In this webinar, we introduce the concept of lifestyle design and share tips and techniques on how to create the life you want, by design

After you've broken the mental shackles,
life can be what you make it...

Are you...

  • Feeling like your life’s course is not under your control?
  • Know what you would like your life to look like, but you've "never seen it done" and are unsure it can be?
  • Think the life you want exists only for the wealthy or in movies?
  • Believe you have to always choose between having experiences and providing for yourself and family?
  • Overwhelmed with managing it all?
  • Have a lot of ideas, but not sure how to get it all done?
  • Wonder how people with multiple businesses or passions manage to do it?
  • Feel guilty when you take time to focus on your interests or goals.

What if someone gave you that permission to dream and think of unconventional ways to provide for you and your family? But also gave you tips, tools, and techniques to actually help you get it done?

Seriously...what if you

  • Developed a concept and vision for you and your family's life

  • Could develop means to provide for you and your family, but also provide experiences

  • Be supported in developing unconventional ways to create the life you want

  • Learned how to overcome challenges to your productivity

  • Could create a productivity system that made you feel empowered

  • Actually accomplished some of the goals on your list


Adeea Rogers, The Trendy Socialite

I know how it feels to want a life but unsure how to get it...

I spent the better part of 10 years living someone else's life. No, this isn't the story of some alternate or parallel universe. I simply was living a life someone else wanted me to live. I allowed (mostly well intentioned) people to convince, guilt, or shame me into staying where I was. But honestly, where I was was STUCK. I gained weight. I could never afford to do anything I wanted to do.I was cranky and miserable. This "sure thing" was surely making me sick.

I stumbled upon a new way of thinking called "Lifestyle Design." The more I read and explored, the more I was convinced it was for me. As I began to incorporate the principles, I saw results in all aspects of my life I've never before experienced. I stopped letting others design my life--I started to design it. And after 10 years of being stuck, I quit my job. Started my business. And now I live every day making decisions and doing things that create the life that I want. And you can too...

It’s about designing your life instead of letting society design it for you.

~ Corbett Barr

I have talked to too many clients who are frustrated, overwhelmed, and tired of where they are. I want to provide you with tools and support that you can implement quickly that can ultimately change your life for years to come!

So I'm inviting you to join me for

In this masterclass level webinar, we will cover...

Lifestyle Design

We will discuss the concept of lifestyle design. You will be guided in exercises to help you "dream with your eyes open and a pen in your hand." You will learn how to say goodbye to the goals of yesterday to say hello to the life of your dreams.

Managing Multiple Passions

It is possible to manage and have multiple passions. But it relies on two things. We'll discuss those two things--and much more!

Productivity Pressures

Part of the reason why we feel stuck is because we usually allow one of these 6 productivity pressures to affect us--people, procrastination, perfectionism, priorities, and personality. We'll learn how to overcome those pressures to increase your productivity!

Creating a Productivity System

Everyone's productivity system is personal and unique. I will share tips, tools, and techniques that increase your productivity--iGrind Week, The +1 Challenge, The Power Lunch Hour, etc. These systems work--whether you're an early bird or a night owl.

With this webinar you will receive...

  • Live webinar with Q&A

  • Lifetime Access to Webinar Replay

  • PDF and Evernote Worksheets

For the DUMB LOW investment of


Do what it takes NOW to ensure 2018 is your year!

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Adeea Rogers, Lifestyle Designer & Purpose Pusher

Adeea Rogers–also known as The Trendy Socialite–is an experienced event host and planner, webinar and workshop facilitator, and public speaker. Her calling is to help empower and encourage others to develop and pursue their purpose. And as a result she is known on Periscope as The Purpose Pusher. 

In 2012, Adeea founded International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD), giving women around the world the opportunity to meet and network with others and share information, techniques, inspiration, and other beauty tips to guide each other in their natural hair journeys.

In June, 2016 Adeea pushed herself toward her own purpose by leaving her full-time employment with her alma mater, East Carolina University, to work for herself full-time.

Adeea believes in life long learner and pursuing your passions—no matter how different that path may be from others. In 2014, Adeea became a HootSuite North American Ambassador. And in August, 2016, she became an Evernote Certified Consultant. Adeea believes that leaders are readers and lifelong learners.

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