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TrendSetters Podcast Episode #1: Clues to Your Purpose

TrendSetters Podcast Episode #1: Clues to Your Purpose


Welcome to the inaugural episode of The TrendSetters Podcast!


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  • My background and story
  • 3 Things I love
  • What do I do
  • 2 Roles I serve and excel in
  • Who do I serve
  • How did I get the name The Trendy Socialite
  • What is a trendsetter
  • Clues to your purpose

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TrendSetters excel by growing comfortable in the following areas:

  • Who they are (and are not)
  • What they do ( and do not do)
  • What value they bring to the world and the world around them
  • Expressing that value in ways that generate satisfaction, income, and opportunities and make a positive difference in the lives of others
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My working definition of purpose:

Using your gifts, talents, and abilities to help make someone else’s life easier, better, more enjoyable, satisfactory, etc.

3 things to note about this definition
  1. It’s what comes easy to you (don’t overlook it or minimize it)
  2. It is about and for someone else
  3. It solves a problem or produces satisfaction


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