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REJECT Fear Based Motivation and ATTRACT Abundance

REJECT Fear Based Motivation and ATTRACT Abundance

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I am on quite a few email lists and RSS feeds. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among some bloggers, coaches and consultants. And I see it as soon as I read their email title or subject of their latest blog posts. I often see titles like

  • The 5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail
  • Why You Will Be Sued If You Don’t Do This
  • Why Your Dreams May Not Come True
  • The 30 Worst Pieces of Content Advice Ever

Despite the negative undertones, people flock, share and flood these type of posts with all kinds of comments. I admit, I’ve been guilty of it too. When I shared what I was noticing with a friend, she said it was “fear based motivation.” And the light bulb went on.

I do not have a “Mary Poppins” approach to life or business. I realize there are consequences to actions and choices. However when I’m compelled to take action or make choice under duress because I’m afraid something”bad”  is going to happen, I think it incites a feeling of anxiety that is deeper than perhaps it should be.

At workshop session of a conference I attended, the presenter was so negative I really contemplated walking out. At one point she even made a reference to terrorism. I admit I do not know the context of this comment, because I checked out long before that. But I do remember thinking, “what kind of conference am I attending?’ So as not to disturb my spirit even more, I went back to texting.

I am a believer in having a sound and positive thought life. I believe a lot of us have negative things happen in our lives partly we (unfortunately) attract them to us with our own negative language–conscious and subconscious.


When you speak lack, that’s what you get. When you speak failure (even if you don’t use that word), that’s what ends up happening.


Max Ogles said in a Fast Company article, “When you motivate people sufficiently, they take action.”

I do understand that sometimes knowing that you’re at least not doing the wrong thing can provide a sense of accomplishment. But I have a profound sense of discomfort when you have to use negative reinforcement in order to get people to act in their own behalf! What I think it says at its most basic foundation is that you or I do not have the wherewithal to motivate ourselves from a place of wanting better and doing more. And the way we are conditioned to respond is from a place of fear. And to the core of my soul, I do not want that to be true!

From this moment, I want us to reject fear based motivation and to attract the A.B.U.N.D.A.N.C.E. that we deserve

Always speak positively. Find positive affirmations about wealth (not just financial), resources and provision

Believe that what we are passionate about is worthwhile and has an audience who will connect and support it

Understand that in order to create anything worthwhile, it takes consistent, strategic work over a period of time

Never give up!

Dedicate your time, energy and resources to developing your area of passion

Accept God and the universe sending help

Never, ever give up!

Create even more abundance by sharing your time, talent and resources with someone else

Expect that God and the universe will supply all you need in order to accomplish all that you want to do

We have to be very careful the words we speak and the words we allow spoken over our lives and situations. Learn to motivate yourself from a place of faith, not fear, and see an immediate shift in what resources and encouragement come to you.


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