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I Should Have Said No

I Should Have Said No

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I’m sitting here in Starbucks. Stressed. Someone else’s bright idea has now become my headache. I should have said no.

Don’t be like me. Learn from my mistake. I was hesitant about the idea from the jump. I should have followed my first mind (like the old folks say) and said no. This has been a valuable and painful lesson.

Here are 3 reasons it’s ok to say no:

  1. It impedes on your time
  2. It does not align with your purpose, mission, or calling
  3. You are hesitant about doing it

This does not mean you don’t help others. But think about it FIRST. Even if you have to call them back. Do NOT commit in the moment if you sense the slightest hesitation. Do not spend so much time “helping others” make THEIR dreams come true  and check items off THEIR to do list, that you neglect your own.

If you can’t do it, here is what you can do.

  1. Offer to do it at a later that is convenient for YOU. You can say, “I can’t do it now, but if you still need it in about 30 days, contact me again. That may be a better time for me.”
  2. Offer a suggestion for an alternative or substitute. You can say, “I can’t do it. But Sally is good at it as well and may be able to do it.”
  3. Offer to meet with them to answer questions, but NOT to do it. You can say, “I can’t do it. But if you want to meet for coffee, I can answer any questions you have and offer suggestions.”

Save yourself some stress and learn from me. Please.

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