I just had my discovery call with Adeea and she rocks! It was better than I could have dreamed! I feel my purpose and focus and creativity flowing again…



Thank you so much for my discovery call. The information you provided has been and will be a great help.
You suggestion on how to manage my time with my mother and work have been invaluable.
I have added more information about me to my About Me page and have it include the “Why” I am doing what I am doing.



Your discovery call with me literally changed my life! For years, I have been stuck in a rut since college. My major in college helped me to become a good writer, but it did not show me my potential, or how I could achieve my dreams of becoming a beauty editor at a magazine. While on the phone with you I took many notes from the advice you gave me, and I put it into action. Your belief in me makes me feel that achieving my dreams are possible! Before your discovery call I used to wake up in the morning and say “Oh God it’s morning,” but today I thank God for waking me up, and giving me a voice to share with the world. Thanks to your advice and suggestions I started a new blog shortly after our phone call, since then I have had readers viewing my blog from USA, France, Italy, Bangladesh, Turkey, and Canada.  Thanks to the hashtags that you recommended for my Instagram posts, my followers have gone from 72 to 124. For those blessed with the opportunity to work with you, they will not regret it because it will change their life forever!



Having the opportunity to have a discovery call with Adeea was empowering! She confirmed a lot of questions I had about the direction with my business. She also gave me some great tools and ideas to further myself and grow my business. In just a few minutes she was able to see my potential and understand what I needed to do to make things happen. She even took the time to check out some of my material and gave me valid feedback. After the call I was excited and grateful! I also felt more confident and new I was in the right direction. It was definitely worth it. I can’t wait to have another call with her!



I just wanted to say thank you so much for the discovery session that we had on September 3rd.  I am so happy that I reached out to you.  You took an idea that I could never clearly explain and made it a tangible goal.  I am so excited about what God is about to do.  Thank you being the icing and cherry on top of my dream!



I have to give a BIG shoutout to Adeea Rogers. I had my Purpose Discovery Call with her today! And it was a blessing. I wanted to know if I was on the right path and any thoughts from her beautiful mind. Well….. She gave me both confirmation and new ideas. Her way of thinking is just enlightening. I think anyone – with known Purpose or not – can benefit from a call with her. Our conversation even confirmed a God message. Don’t you love when that happens?!?



Let me just brag on Adeea Rogers for a minute here. I booked my session with her over a month ago and was like “man, that feels like it is SO far away”. Let me just tell you that it was SO worth the wait!!! I got to a point in 1k1day and found myself at a total mental roadblock. People suggested setting up a session with Adeea. Talking to her today completely removed those mental roadblocks and gave me so many ideas to run with. I know now that there are many things I could offer and am now on my path of setting priorities to each of my goals.



Adeea started by asking me the most difficult question, strangely enough, one that had been gnawing at me…but I answered it for her with no trouble. Not only did she build on the ideas I already had, but she immediately came up with a title of me that I was too “close to myself” to see: Creative Development Coach. And yes I did have trouble going to bed after that. Lol! I am now fleshing out the beginning content for my website, hurrying to get my freemium and first digital products up, and give my VA a big list. I have pages of scope topics….


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