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Episode 06: Bryan and Erika Baker

Episode 06: Bryan and Erika Baker

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Bryan and Erika Baker


Bryan and Erika Baker

Faith Based Relationship Coaches & Motivational Speakers


In this episode, I interview Bryan and Erika Baker. Bryan and Erika are a super dope couple! One of the many reasons I am excited to talk to them is because not only do they do life together, they are in business together. A lot of the TrendSetters community have to navigate and balance both personal pursuits and their relationships. I think you will find this conversation particularly refreshing and enlightening. The one word that kept coming up in our conversations– INTENTIONALITY. Stay tuned to hear an offer from Bryan and Erika. But I promise the anecdotes, inspiration, and information you receive is worth the listen.


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In This Episode

  • Being intentional in your brand and your relationships
  • How to connect with family and in your relationship
  • The impact of schedules on your life, business, and family
  • How to build a business and a life with your mate

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