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TINA MOORE BROWN: Fierce, Fabulous, Focused, 40+

TINA MOORE BROWN: Fierce, Fabulous, Focused, 40+

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In anticipation of my approaching birthday, I am beginning a series called “Fierce, Fabulous, Focused, and 40+.” I am interviewing women age of 40 and over where they share stories and experiences about how they are living their best lives now.

Tina Moore Brown
Your Confidence Coach

Join me for an enlightening and powerful conversation with Tina Moore Brown. I’ve known Tina for years and I’m so glad I get the opportunity to share her with those of you who may not be as familiar. Tina and I talk about how we can show up in our lives, the importance of our thought life, and how metabolism ain’t loyal!


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“In order to show up as your best self, you must show up as your WHOLE self.” – Adeea


“Be the person in the spotlight of your own life.” -Tina Moore Brown


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