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TrendSetters Podcast Ep. 02: Life of a Creative: Chance the Rapper

TrendSetters Podcast Ep. 02: Life of a Creative: Chance the Rapper

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I am fascinated by the life of creatives. From rappers to film directors, I am intrigued by what motivates them, their mantras, how they approach their work, etc. Coming off 3 stellar wins at the 2017 Grammys, my first focus for my series The Life of a Creative is Chance the Rapper. An award winning rapper with no record deal, no distribution deal, no publishing deal–streaming only content that he owns 100%.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • What is a Creative
  • Noteworthy points in the creative career of Chance the Rapper (beginning at 5:35)
  • Lessons we can apply to our lives based on Chance’s career (beginning 30:28)
  • The choice that Chance and each of us has to make
  • The two sources of income Chance has that allows him to distribute his music for free
  • The parts of your brand you cannot outsource
  • One type of content that could be pivotal in your brand’s success

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Resources and References

The Gatekeepers Are Gone
Lamar Tyler

Watch this video for name drops and collaborations

Warning: Language


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