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You know you need a landing or sales page for your business, brand, event, or blog…

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But how?

You listen to all the coaches, consultants and experts that say you need a website, landing and/or sales page. You know they are right. But funding your passion comes directly from your pockets. There are so many expenses (one time and recurring) when it comes to building your brand or business. 

And signing up for a service with a recurring monthly fee is just not something you want to (or perhaps even can) do. You know you need landing and sales pages. But the prospect of a monthly recurring cost is stopping you.

And now you’re stuck.

What if I told you there is WordPress page builder plug in out there that would allow you to create an unlimited amount of sales or landing pages, hosted on your website, for the one time cost equivalent to one month’s subscription fee of the most popular page building services?

I discovered Visual Composer building my own website a few years ago. I must admit I didn’t pay much attention to it then. I would use it to create some pages for my site.

Fast forward a couple of years. I started created courses, programs, selling things, etc. and new I needed sales pages in order to connect with my audience and to sell. But the thought of incurring a monthly fee to create the pages was just not feasible at the time (heck it’s still not something I want to do).

So I believe that where there is a will; there is a way. Then I remembered the way.

Visual Composer.


Visual Composer is compatible with any WordPress Theme

With Visual Composer your content will be accessible on desktop and mobile devices. No extra steps or programming required. It just works.

Build responsive website and manage your content easily with intuitive WordPress Front end editor. No programming knowledge required – create stunning and beautiful pages with award winning drag and drop editor.

I am convinced that the WordPress Plug In Visual Composer is the answer to your landing and sales page needs.

But as with anything, there is sometimes a learning curve.

Here is where I come in.

During this interactive webinar, you will learn the basics of building pages for your WordPress website using Visual Composer. To show you how powerful it is, I am going to mimic the layout using a sample page from one of the “big” page builder sites with a monthly fee.

Why do you need this?

Because so many of you have a dream, vision and desire to have a business, write a book, start a blog, sell something, etc. There are just a few things that you are missing. You may not always have the cash to outsource it to others, but you can definitely learn the skills necessary to do it yourself.

My goal is to help you fill in the gaps. In order for you to meet your goals and dreams, you may need to fill in the gaps by doing the work yourself. Let me teach you some of the skills necessary to fill in the gaps. Once the gaps are filled, you start making money. Once you start making money, you can earn enough to outsource things like this in the near future.

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