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Create An After Work Ritual That Will #TriggerTheHustle

Create An After Work Ritual That Will #TriggerTheHustle


There are a good number of us that our true passion, purpose of life’s work occur after we clock out of a 9-5. Some of us use nights, lunch hours and weekends to work on our business, go back to school, write, etc.

But let’s face it. No matter how much we want to work on our business in the evenings. No matter how committed we are, sometimes at the end of the day (or night), work leaves us like this…..



First class seats on THE STRUGGLE BUS!

I get it. It’s the same for me. While talking to a client the other day, I suggested that she develop an after work ritual that would help transition from work to hustle mode.

I used the word ritual because it means to engage in repetitive behavior that stimulates a certain response. (Why Rituals Work). When you do the same thing in the same order your brain thinks, “Oh, it’s time to do this.” And almost regardless of the current feelings, your mind and body begin to respond in a certain way.

This isn’t some ooky-spooky cult like behavior. It is simple establishing a pattern of behavior, a habit. Just like your sequence of getting dressed in the morning.

If you do the same things after you leave work to prepare yourself to work on your life’s passions, then regardless of what may have happened at work–your mind and body will prepare to work on your passion project.

If you struggle with motivating yourself to work on your side hustle once you get home, I have a simple 3-step ritual that will help.


The 3 Step Side Hustler’s After Work Ritual


  1. Song: Choose a song that gets your pumped, excited and improves your mood. From gospel to trap music, this song should get you amped! This should be the FIRST song you listen to as you exit work, walk to the train, drive to pick up the kids, etc. 
  2. Success Strategy: After listening to the side hustler’s anthem, listen to a podcast or read. This helps to shift your thinking from work related tasks to your side hustle. It will help kick-start your thinking and creativity. It doesn’t have to be long–even 10 minutes of reading or listening will help.
  3. Start-up Ritual: When you get home and prepare to work on your side hustle or passion work–have a ritual. Begin working with the same steps–whether you are going to write a blog post or create products. Many prolific writers have a ritual that helps spark their creativity. One writer who has multiple homes with writing spaces, has the exact same furniture in each office–down to the pencils. So if he’s Colorado or New York, when he walks into that space, his brain has the same reaction–it’s time to write.

We are using the hashtag #triggerthehustle. Tag me @trendysocialite and use the hashtag so I can see what songs you’ve selected and what you’re listening to as your success strategy.

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