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Is Your Brand’s Light On?

Is Your Brand’s Light On?

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A few months ago, I was riding through my neighborhood. For some reason on this day. I must have been in a chill mood. Because usually I’m just trying to get home or get where I’m going. But on this day, I was looking at the houses and landscapes.  I passed by a house that I had not noticed before. A house on a street that I’ve driven or ridden down daily for YEARS–sometimes multiple times a day. And yet I have never noticed this house. 

So what made this day different?

The porch light was on.

Before that day, the house simply blended into the row of other houses on the street. I drove right past it.

And it can be the same with our businesses and brands.

Some of us aren’t getting the attention, sales, readers, attendees, and customers, etc. in our business because no one knows you’re home. They are scrolling right by you….

Every time we post on social media ABOUT YOUR BRAND OR BUSINESS, we flip on the porch light.

Every time we write a blog post, we flip on the porch light.

Every time we use Periscope, FB or Instagram Live, we flip on our porch light.

Are you taking every opportunity (free and paid) to flip on your brand’s porch light?
If you’re looking for ideas on how you can turn your brand’s light on, download this free social media content idea sheet.

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