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From Vision Board to  Achievement!

From Vision Board to Achievement!


Since the release of the widely successful book, The Secret, vision boards have increased immensely in popularity. Vision Boards were introduced by John Assaraf in the movie, The Secret, an adaptation of the book. They are visual representations of the life that you ultimately want to have. They are designed to:

  • Help us to become very clear about what we want
  • Make our goals visible and keeps them in front of our eyes
  • Remind us of what we want
  • Allow us to choose our goals
  • Remind us of what we are working for
  • Keep us in a positive mood – as we put your attention on it we feel ourselves receiving what we desire
  • Allow us to create a purpose in life
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Many of my colleagues and event planning associates host vision board parties, like the one below hosted by Coach Cass of Inspire Many:

vision board 3

In previous years I have created my own vision boards, on paper and online. I always felt so inspired and energized after I completed one about the hopes and dreams I planned to accomplish that year. I happened to run across an old vision board the other day and I was struck that I had accomplished some of the things on the board, but others I had not. This caused me to think…why is that?

And I’ve been thinking about that ever since.

For the last few months, I’ve been saying to friends, mentees, business associates that in 2014 we have to be strategic and intentional with our projects, time and purpose. And one way in which we do that is to make our vision boards come to life. I don’t want your vision board to blend into the back ground like a piece of art on the wall. I don’t want you to walk past it in March, July, October, December and have feelings of disappointment on not seeing the manifestations of your dreams.

This year, I challenge you to do more than just place your vision board in a prominent place in your home or office, but to make it come to life and begin to work on the physical manifestation of those items currently pasted to a board (either physically or on Pinterest).

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I am a Christian and the stance and principles I share will come from this very important aspect of my life.

According to the principles of The Secret, the process of visualization makes your vision board come to life and causes the things that you want to come to you (the law of attraction). The process is:

  • Ask
  • Believe
  • Receive

How can you use this process to make your vision board come to life?


Water your vision board with prayer. Ask God to show you your passion, purpose and mission in life and how He can use His plans for your life (Jeremiah 29:11) to make your dreams a reality.

If you’re not sure where your purpose lies or where to begin, read my blogpost, “The Process to Purpose.”

Look at your vision board from last year (if you did one), are there items that need to be rolled over to this year? One life lesson I learned many years ago is that sometimes God doesn’t do the next thing until you complete the last thing He told you to do. Are there unfinished dreams or purpose that God wants to manifest in your life before He takes you to the next blessing?

If you haven’t done a vision board yet, but are planning to, pray FIRST! Ask God to lead and direct you in what HIS vision is for your life. When you align your vision with God’s vision, it will definitely come true!

Once your vision board is complete, every day ask God to direct you in ways to make this vision come to manifestation in your life. One of my constant prayers is for God to place people in my life that need to be there and to remove others that don’t. I have even asked God to connect me with certain people, and He has. Some of my dearest friends, mentors and business associates right now are a result of God answering my requests.


  • Matthew 7:7
  • Jeremiah 29:11-13
  • Matthew 6:33


Last year, I had the pleasure of watching 100 Life Goals presented by Shawn King. This 3 hour set of interviews included some of the most sought after thought leaders in the country and other creative individuals. An author, Jeff Goins, stated “Activity follows identity.” We believe things we identify with and identify with things in which we believe. For the Christian, Belief is FAITH!

Where our vision boards can become less effective is when we stop believing that they will come true. This disbelief is often subtle, subconscious and happens over a long period of time. This is why you have to be very careful in your thought life. This is a principle taught in The Secret and more importantly (for me) in the Bible. Thoughts become things. The basic principle of the law of attraction is that whether you know it or not, every thing that happens to you is a result of your thought life. Some of the lack we experience in life is due to the fact that we allow negativity to permeate and overwhelm our thought life.

When one of my fellow church members first joined our church, she used to always ask me, “Did you have a good day?” At first I was slightly annoyed because I used to think, “That’s kinda presumptuous don’t you think? What if I didn’t have a good day?” And then when I stopped and thought about my day in response to her question, I admitted (to her and myself), “Yeah, I actually did have a good day.” I think I was more surprised than she was (smile). But when I believe I’m going to have a good day, I do. When I believe my day isn’t going to go well, it doesn’t.

I think there are two reasons for disbelief:

  1. Manifestation not happening when we “think” it should happen: There is no particular time when a vision or dream can come true. We all have our own internal deadlines by which something should happen. Pray and say to yourself that the manifestation will come to you when it’s supposed to happen.
  2. Lack of action: You can’t just look at the board and wish it into existence. You have to put the action with your belief in order to see it come true (more on that in a second).


  • James 2:14-26
  • 2 Corinthians 10:5
  • Hebrews 11:6


When the items on the vision board become reality, you have to be ready to receive them. Usually this involves two things:

  1. Ridding ourselves of the things that can prevent us from fully receiving the manifestation
  2. Acquiring those things that will enable us to receive the manifestation

This could include:

  • Cleaning closets, houses, cars, etc.
  • Selling furniture
  • Printing business cards
  • Buying domain names
  • Purchasing office equipment

God (and the universe) move quickly! And we have to be ready to move with Him.

One of the things I did in 2014 is I limited my travel as possible to only events and trips that are designed to build my brand (conferences, workshops, speaking engagements, appearances, etc.). For the past several years, I have gone to the CIAA in Charlotte, NC. I have a BALL! But as I was reflecting on 2013 and preparing for 2014, God help me realize instead of blowing hundreds of dollars on a “good time” I could use that money to invest in my brand. By making this concession now, I could feasibly go to CIAA for years to come and really have fun! No, I didn’t want to hear that, but in order for the manifestation of my vision to come true, I am willing to make this sacrifice. Are you willing to make the necessary adjustments to receive the manifestation of your vision board?

To increase the manifestation of your vision board, also consider these 3 “powerful processes” also discussed in The Secret (there are 7):


Having an attitude of gratitude will get you so far in life. Pastor Carl Lentz, of Hillsong NYC, stated in the 100 Life Goals session that if you dedicate the “First 15” minutes of your day to prayer, thankfulness, breathing and meditation, it will set the tone for your day. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” You can’t always change things that happen in your life, but you can change your response to them.


According to the Beyond the Secret blog, intention is the “desire for a specific result and the determination to get it. Intention is moving forward with purpose and aspiring to achieve the results a mind is set on. Set an intention to be, do, or have something, and you powerfully summon the Universe to arrange itself to manifest your desires.”

Another phrase for intention is “laser focused.”  This is a principle I’ve learned through my coach, Montina “Sparkwisdom” Portis. There are a lot of pretty, shiny things that are good and fun to do. But as Myleik Teele, owner of Curl Box, stated yesterday in 100 Life Goals, “is it profitable?” My coach asks the very poignant question, “Do you want to be popular or profitable?” When you are focused on your intent (your vision), all of those pretty, shiny distractions soon lose their luster. Think about the race horses that wear blinders so they focus on the finish line (which for you are the items on your vision board). When you’re working on your goals, you must have the same “desire for a specific result and the determination to get it.”



This is the fundamental step(s) in your vision board coming to life. When you are clear on your vision and where you want to go in your life, it doesn’t stop there. You have to have super sensitivity and discernment on where to go, who to be with and what to do to make the vision turn to reality. The principle of The Secret holds, “The Universe moves to bring to you what you desire, but it also takes you moving to align yourself with it.”

One of the most powerful Bible studies I ever did was Experiencing God by Henry T. Blackaby. One of the foundational principles of this book is

“Watch to see where God is working and join Him.”

This is a manifestation of vision AND it applies in other areas of our lives, not just spiritually. If you are a blogger and want to expand your network or topics, you cannot sit and wait for invites to come to you. Go to an event even if you’re not invited. Have business cards printed. Take yourself and your work seriously by branding everything from your email address to your email signature. Remember what Jeff Goins said, “Activity comes after identity.”

In the book Getting Things Done, author David Allen says part of the reason we don’t accomplish some projects and tasks is because we are too broad in what is the next action we need to take. For instance, if your vision includes a website, ask yourself, “What does the very next thing I need to do to accomplish this?” Whatever you come up with, jot it down. Take that list and go one by one and ask yourself, “What is the very next thing I need to do to accomplish this?” Keep doing this until you get down to the very next action you need to take. It could be registering the domain name, posting an ad on Fiverr, developing a draft of your site map. Doing this exercise will give you a pretty exhaustive list of the tasks associated with a particular part of your vision board. This can apply to purchasing a home, buying a car, becoming more physically fit, paying off debt, etc. Figure out the very next thing you need to do, then do it.

When you begin implementing steps to bring you and your vision closer together, you will likely not be able to see the entire vision. Much like driving at night, you will likely only be able to see a short distance in front you (Jack Canfield gave this example in the movie).

car driving at night

But you don’t drive the distance you see and stop do you? You keep on driving. This is the same mindset you must have on bringing your vision board to life!

I leave you with this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



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