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Year End Closeout Tips for Brand Owners

Year End Closeout Tips for Brand Owners


Everyone has year-end closeouts–car dealerships, stores, businesses, accountants, etc. During these times they evaluate processes and staff, eliminate out of date inventory (at significant discounts to the consumer), clear their books and data in preparation for the New Year–along with other tasks.

As a brand owner, you too should have some things you do as part of your a year end closeout. Here are my suggestions for a few things you can do as a blogger, vlogger, or brand owner in preparation for the New Year.

  1. Move pictures from mobile devices to hard drives or online backup sources. Start the new year with (relatively) clean devices. With online backup sources like DropBox you can still access your pictures from the mobile app. Use folders and sub folders so that you can find things easily in the future.
  2. Archive important data on hard drives and external drives to online backup sources. Do not run the risk of losing important data if your hard drive crashes or if you lose your external hard drive or flash drive. Intentionally back up these files to your online backup source.
  3. Schedule New Year’s Emails and postings to social media audiences. Don’t stop your fun in order to connect with your audience. Take an hour or so to write and schedule posts and emails.
  4. Begin compiling and writing “year in review” blog posts. If you need content ideas, see this blog post.
  5. Begin gathering footage and editing “year in review” videos–Also covered in the blog post above. These videos can be very time consuming. But if you have gone through and archived your photos and videos, creating a video montage should be easier to compile.
  6. Create any online post-Christmas and New Year sales and schedule emails and posts. Take advantage of gift cards and money customers received by providing them with a little incentive to shop with you during post Christmas sales. Let me offer something to consider: Please make the sale worth someone’s purchase. 5% or 10% is ok during other times of year. However, after the holidays, people expect deeper discounts. You could make profit on your volume of sales and potentially gain a repeat customer.
  7. Sort, clean, organize email inboxes. This is accomplished with the use of folders. The ultimate goal is to have 0 emails in your inbox, but accessible in the folders. I am working through a system that should be very helpful in this regard. It is also the focus of the February book club read for the iGrind Naturally group.
  8. Year end System Review. Look at the “system” by which you currently operate. Just minor tweaks to the way your process orders, edit videos, create blog content could save you time and increase productivity. This can lead to a higher conversion rate (i.e., customers, clients, subscribers, followers, etc.).
  9. Make any significant blog changes or updates. If there are some design changes or updates you have not had time to do, make some extra time to take care of them. That way when your readers come back to your channel or blog, they will be pleasantly surprised with new elements.
  10. Consider and implement any new software, apps, etc. to make brand management easier. While you have some downtime, it may be a good time to learn a new app, gain a new skill or set up any new systems for the incoming year. I am going to spend the holiday season setting up my model for “Getting Things Done” using Evernote and my various email accounts.
  11. Evaluate your team and make any necessary changes. In many leadership circles, there is a school of thought that you “hire for character, train for skill.” It is important to spend some time evaluating your team (paid and volunteer) to see what changes and improvements need to be made. Some of our challenges may not be with the staff, but the training that was provided (or not provided) for them. See what you can do as a leader to train your staff to execute your vision. But sometimes in order to progress in your brand, you have to make changes in or expand your team. Do not be afraid to make these hard decisions, but do so with my thought, prayer and humility.
  12. Clean Computer. In order to keep your computer in good condition, clean up old files, defragment the hard drive (PC users) and perform other maintenance. Be sure you have a plan for backup of this data and perform it after your clean up is complete. I will back up my hard drive files while I’m out shopping next week.
  13. Clean, declutter and organize office space. If your office or workspace has been quarantined by the Health Department or featured on National Geographic as a “lost ruin,” it may be time to do some cleaning. How inspired will you be walking into an inviting, clean workspace? So grab a roll of trash bags, a shredder and a few bins. Put on some good music and make your workspace ready for the new year. I only have a desk at the sorority house (where I’m a house mom), which right now does everything but provide me with a place to work.

What are some things you do as a brand owner to prepare for the New Year? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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